Mutvia is an immersive, rules lite experience.  Players and organizers portray characters in a fictitious fantasy setting. You will experience horror and adventure alike in a safe and controlled live-action environment.

If you’ve played in North American LARPs before, you may be accustomed to copious rules or even calling out damage. Mutvia is different. We use the American Simple Larp system to focus on the role play rather than a lengthy character sheet. In Mutvia, any character can attempt anything they want,  and all you have to worry about when it comes to mechanics are whether or not your character is supposed to be good at it or not. 

Furthermore, 35+ years of development allow a richly-detailed world with volumes of lore and history that guide the story– But everyone (including players) is encouraged to take ownership and shape the future of our world.


  • You are human. There are no elves, dwarves, halflings.

  • There are monsters. They have their own stories, lives, and methods for survival. That might mean hunting you.

  • Cooperative storytelling. Organizers and players alike shape the plot.

  • Do only what you can display- this means putting effort into phys reps and acting out effects. Your character may have skills and abilities, but it's up to you to appear competent.

  • Immersion is everything. 38 hours of roleplay. You eat, sleep, drink, fight, and live as your character. No electricity, no visible modern devices.

  • Dark and gritty. It's not just a dark setting filled with horrifying creatures. It's just plain dark. Cabin lights out. Use LED torches, candles, and lanterns to light your way. Or hide in the dark.

Key Points

Be original.

Be inspired by others, but don't steal. Create something new with us.

Tell a Story.

If  it doesn't contribute to an immersive experience, don't do it.


 Get out there and do. There is even a written language to learn.
Seek Adventure.

Risk is rewarded,  but death waits.

Have fun.

That's why we're all here.