Entropic Endeavors


Meet The Team


Ericka Skirpan (She/Her) / CEO

Ericka Skirpan is an experience designer, writer, actor, and instructor who has been in the LARP trenches for over half her life. She has been running immersive theatrical events and emotionally focused LARPs for nearly twenty years. She has an Honors BFA in theater from the University of Toronto where she was the artistic director for “In the Moment Productions,” a theater company dedicated to audience interactive, immersive theater. She believes in bringing emotionally cathartic transformations to actors and audiences alike through live storytelling; then providing the safety mechanisms to ensure a healthy return to reality after such experiences. In 2018 she was the Head Storyteller for Sinking Ship Creations’ “Project Ascension,” the head writer for Pertho Productions’ Dead Legends LARP, and the run-time director for Participation Design Agency’s Inside Hamlet. She also has written for John Wick’s 7th Sea books, Onyx Path Productions Vampire: The Requiem and Changeling: The Dreaming. After playing Gertrude in the 2017 Inside Hamlet, as well as participating in the groundbreaking Nordic LARP 1942, she returned to the United States with a strong dedication towards combing American, mechanics and plot driving gaming with more freeform, narrative storytelling in a completely new style of LARP design for companies across North America.


Sam Stone (They/Them) / COO

Sam has been creating games and running immersive role play experiences for over ten years across a variety of mediums including interactive workshops, larp, and digital platforms designed for roleplay. Their professional background and passion is in behavioral health and the ways in which human beings heal from trauma; a pursuit that brought them to a mentorship under independent game designer Hilary Umbreit (Eras Chronicles; Magpie; Deputy Chair, Intercon S). After a merciless, and sometimes grueling tutelage, Sam went on to co-write and assist in designing Dammerung LARP with Pertho Productions as part of a renewed focus on health and wellness in gaming. Most recently, Sam is excited to be a founding partner of Entropic Endeavors, an event company dedicated to exploring the ways humanity falls apart in a safe and supportive environment.