VVelvet Noir Factions

So, where ya from, kid?

The Farm is a place where folks who are somehow "other" can escape. It’s a place they can come together, make peace treaties, work out reparations for lives lost in the City, plan on how to fight the monied, conservative forces on the urban streets, or just have a good time. But everybody's a somebody from somewhere. 

The Fenghuang Jin

 Noodle Bar Alley, as it is lovingly called by its inhabitants and patrons alike, is a bit of a misnomer that belies both the size as well as the grandeur of the neighborhood that it encompasses. This eclectic restaurant district is as much bazaar as it is residential. The streets are lined with... READ MORE


The Mishpacha

The Shtetl. Once muttered with a disparaging sneer by the rich Gentile bankers and robber barons who passed outside its borders, “The Shtetl” has become widely accepted as the semi-official title for the Jewish quarter of the City. Densely packed and raucous, its alleys and boulevards are full to bursting with... READ MORE

Los Cuervos

They came in a trickle to Spanishtown. They made a neighborhood out of scraps. Sugar, spice, and merriment brought wealth to the poor Spanish speaking families in what was once a ramshackle riverside collection of shacks and hovels. The nearby Alhambra Chocolatiers, and their factory, brought in... READ MORE

The Root

The City was once one of the major hubs on the Underground Railroad before and during the Civil War.  A woman who went by the name of Mother Beech created and ran an operation connected to the railroad that smuggled those fleeing the south.  Before the Civil War, of course, there were various places in the northern cities... READ MORE

The Civilians, Those Caught Between

You shouldn’t be here. You’re one of them. You know them -- the ones that walk down the street with their heads held high, who can always afford a second drink at lunch, buy the newest cars, and stand glistening white from the buildings at the top of the City. They like to pretend places like this don’t exist... READ MORE