In the darkest hour
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Decide who you want to be. Is your character from Hirland, Reinland, Sildland, Kell, Felligan, or Acessi?


Decide who your character was before they came to the New World. Pick a name and figure out if they were  some sort of farmer- or perhaps a carpenter, or smith. It's your choice in the end, but pick something ordinary and appropriate to the period. Use your culture packet to determine their history before arriving at the plantation.

You are a character, not a sheet.

In the list to the right you'll find some skills. Select three skills your character is good at.


The way the game works is that your character can attempt anything they want but-

if they're trained in a skill, you can act out being good at it.
If they're untrained, act out being bad at it, taking twice as long, or failing outright.

Growth isn't static.

At any given event you can train a new skill, provided you spend at least two hours practicing under the tutelage of a teacher.​ However you can only learn one skill per event, and you may never have more than ten skills total.


The following slides contain sets of skills, and explain what mastering these skills can do for your character beyond how you act them out.

Be creative!

For example, if your character is a miner, they might not have melee combat as a skill and might over extend a swing and fight sloppily with a sword but that doesn't mean they can't swing a pickaxe at someone's chest with surety and strength.


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