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    Writer: Los Cuervos

    Brenna Beattie (she/her) attended her first LARP at a convention when she was 12, thanks to a budding passion for theater, costumes and storytelling. After many years of envying the adults, she finally took the plunge into the World of Darkness and into her first boffer LARP with Dead Legends. She believes in LARP as a chance to explore the heights and depths of human experience in a safe and rewarding environment, surrounded by people who want to experience the same and support each other through that journey. She also may or may not be slightly obsessed with magic, history, and weird fashion.


    Writer: The Fenghuang Jin

    Victoria Lai (she/her) is an engineer by trade who moonlights as a creative.  If infinite monkeys on typewriters will eventually produce the Complete Works of Shakespeare, then Victoria is a troop of marmosets trying to write a passable plot hook.  Spending the last decade dabbling in storytelling and perfecting her brand of trash queen cosplay, it wasn’t until 2017 that Sam Stone introduced her to light-rules LARP, irrevocably changing her life for the better/worse/better(?).  Though a newcomer to the LARP scene, she is dedicated to creating immersive scenes that allow players to let loose and remind them that we’re all a bit mad here.


    Writer: The Mishpacha

    Samara Metzler (she/her) is a multidisciplinary performer, writer, teacher, event producer and Nice Jewish Girl who started LARPing as the next logical step in marrying her love of Dungeons & Dragons with her degrees in theatre arts. She spent ten years as a member of the core plot team for Alliance LARP New Hampshire, creating emotionally driven plotlines centring queer and other marginalised communities as well as ensuring narrative continuity within the greater story. In her daily life she works in education administration and teaches weekly dance classes, as well as various side hustles. She prefers to type in the Queen’s English, much to the bemusement of anyone who has to edit her work.


    Writer: The Root

    Shaheen Rogers  (He/Him) began larping with the New England Role Playing Organization (NERO) in the late 90's.  What began as a desire to experience the magic of Dungeons and Dragons made real soon evolved (or perhaps devolved) into the joy attained when finding others who loved playing pretend while sweating, freezing and swinging foam wrapped pipes at each other in the woods. Over the last two decades he's played and staffed LAIRE, Alliance Larp, FLAG, KnightRealms, Dystopia Rising, Doomsday, Dead Legends, and more various White Wolf Larps than you could shake a stake at. In recent years he's enjoyed staffing several Larp and Theatrical production companies such as Nerdy City, Sinking Ship Productions and Incantrix Productions. Through it all, it's his love of sharing fantastic worlds and creations with fantastic and talented creators that keeps him coming back.


    Administrative Manager

    MayaBea Schechner (she/her) got started in LARPing when a family friend asked her to chaperone their 16 year old daughter to a game. “I WILL BE THE RESPONSIBLE ADULT AT THE ZOMBIE LARP,” she shouted, with no idea how accurate that would one day be. MayaBea is excited to bring her years of stage management experience to another dramatic medium. When not engaged in angry math in the woods or thanking her friends for making her cry, MayaBea is a program coordinator for The Friendship Circle, an organization that provides social and respite programs for Jewish children, teens, and young adults with special needs.

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    Territory Game Designer

    Dana Kjolner (he/him)

    Dana: how much can i shitpost

    Dana: like, it's MY bio, I can shitpost as much as i want, right?

    Ericka: You can shitpost.

    Ericka: My first theater bios were mostly shit post fun
    Dana: yesss

    Ericka: As long as it’s not demeaning to anyone else, have at it. I trust you to do it. :)

    Dana: just demeaning to me, got it.


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