Velvet Noir

Jazz and Dread in the 1920s

Velvet Noir is a rules light, immersive experience designed to engage in hard conversations about the marginalized and oppressed while it utilizes a set of mechanics that emphasize strategy and roleplay, rather than direct combat skill.

It is held as a quarterly experience. Participants get to play in a 1920s themed setting where the morality movement has won in the City and driven a predominantly queer gang of bootleggers (The Rossi-Davis family) out to their country estate. The Rossi-Davis family has made a loose truce with the local police, who turn a blind eye to their sexuality and their moonshine still in exchange for permission to research what their Federal colleagues cleaned up in the Darkness beyond the Farm. Meanwhile, gangsters, cops, and townsfolk all stand in uncomfortable confusion at the Things which lurk in the Darkness, threatening all of their already tense lives. With a side meta-game written by Dana Kjolner that explores the tension and territory wars in the outside world and a freeform, narratively collaborative story on the ground during lives events, “Velvet Noir” plans to offer a captivating experience for a wide range of larpers, actors, and gamers alike.

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What do you stand for? Where do your loyalties lie? Read about the factions and families here.

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Take a look-see at the good folks behind the families, factions, and gameplay.

Feb 21, 2020, 6:00 PM EST – Feb 23, 2020, 4:00 PM EST
Camp Golden Pond,
5126 Eberle Rd, Petersburg, PA 16669, USA